Bastl Instruments MICROGRANNY 2 (tabletop)

Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments MICROGRANNY 2 (tabletop)

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Bastl Instruments Microgranny 2 puts big granular sound in a small package

Granular synthesis has helped a variety of artists express themselves in unconventional ways, whether you prefer Iannis Xenakis or Arca. The 2nd generation of Bastl's classic reads wav samples from a microSD card and sends them into the universe of granular algorithms. The minimal user interface of the classic, equipped with a new PCB case and fresh knobs and buttons, makes things accessible and offers many different ways of playing at the same time. The microGranny adds to your musical gear without fuss - with MIDI input, all parameters and sample transposition can be fully controlled externally, and individual grains can be played using different buttons. Stability has been greatly improved, making it impossible for the unit to get stuck in any mode. The inspiring 8-bit box is based on Arduino and thus is also hackable.


  • Monophonic mono sampler
  • new PCB case
  • new knobs and buttons
  • microSD card (storage + recording of samples, storage of presets)
  • 6 sounds with all settings simultaneously storable in one preset
  • 60 presets in 10 banks (6 presets per bank), stored as .txt files on the microSD card
  • Playback of WAV samples from microSD card (mono, 22050 Hz, 8 or 16 bit, two-letter file name)
  • 8-bit 22050 Hz WAV recording via line input or built-in microphone
  • Hold button
  • Sample rate (tuned or free run)
  • Crush function
  • Start and end position with repeat, instant loop
  • Granular settings: Grain size / Shift Speed (positive/negative) (positive or negative)
  • Amplitude envelope: attack and release
  • MIDI input - responds to note, cc and clock (synchronizes loop and grains)
  • MIDI side-chain envelope restart
  • Input & Output Volume control
  • Power supply unit 9V DC center positive (not included)
  • Battery operation possible
  • Arduino-based=hackable

You can find a suitable power supply here.