Instruo Arbhar


Instruo Arbhar

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Arbhar is a modern granular processor. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains; scattered; shaped; re-pitched; reversed and layered. Thanks to a built-in microphone; you can directly create new samples.

The Instruo Arbhar uses a new granular technique called Lexer Method.

The module is designed for transforming audio signals from the audio inputs or the in-built condenser microphone into new sounds. It features six sample buffers which can be selected using a potentiometer.

The Dry/Wet potentiometer controls the balance between processed and original signal. Input and output levels can be individually controlled via dedicated knobs.

The recording can be activated by pressing the Capture button; by using the gate input; or automated thanks to an onset input which analyzes the incoming audio and starts the recording.

The Scan control allows to scrubb the position of the audio buffer. In follow mode; the playhead's movement becomes automated; with the scan knob determining the speed of the movement. It can play forward or backward. If the playback direction control is in the middle position; the module will randomly play in either direction.

The distribution of grains can be changed thanks to the intensity knob. By limiting the grain size to a single cycle waveform the module becomes a wavetable oscillator and be played tonally using the 1 volt/octave input.

In addition; a fluctuating or quantized random voltage can be applied to the pitch.

The Arbhar also ships with a 2hp expander that includes CV control over spray; layer; probability; skew; random; dub; hold; and dry/wet mix.

  • Granular processor (Lexer method)
  • Two granular engines available simultaneously
  • Manual and automatic playhead control
  • 6 sample buffers (10 second record time each)
  • Built in condenser microphone
  • Dedicated analog input pre-amplifier
  • Audio onset analysis for automatic capture control
  • Forward/Reverse playback with probability control
  • Internal pitch modulation
  • 1Volt/Octave pitch control
  • Included 2HP CV expander for additional CV control