Instruo Ceis


Instruo Ceis

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The Instruo ceis is a fully analogue voltage controlled ADSR envelope generator. The ADSR function generator is the model pioneered by the East-coast mindset and is extensively used in subtractive synthesis patches. The ceis gives the ability to externally control the attack; decay; sustain; and release stages of the envelope while also emitting trigger and gate signals for each segment; offering maximum versatility from a classic tool.

  • LED button for manual control and indication of output CV level
  • Fader and CV control over all 4 segments
  • Gate output per segment
  • LED faders for indicating segment stage when in use
  • Gate/Trig switch which forces completion of the Attack duration when triggered
  • Combined trigger output which fires when there is a change in segment
  • Variable envelope response shape from linear to exponential