Instruo Troika


Instruo Troika

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Troika is a set of 3; all analogue; voltage controlled oscillators in a single module.

They can be used individually or summed with a built in mixer.

Each of the voices generates the classic waveforms and use a unique control set of switches and crossfaders for truly analogue crossfading between wave shapes.

Between the three voices; crossfading between any combination of classic wave shapes can be achieved. In addition; the third voice has PWM capabilities.

  • Three all analogue oscillators
  • 1V/octave; Coarse; Fine controls
  • Toggle switches for cascading 1V/octave CV to lower oscillator as normal connection
  • Oscillator sync
  • Linear FM
  • Selectable faders for crossfading between waveforms
  • Individual oscillator outputs
  • Summed output with level controls