OTO Machines Bebe Cherie
OTO Machines Bebe Cherie
OTO Machines Bebe Cherie

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OTO Machines Bebe Cherie

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OTO's BEBE CHERIE is a 6-channel stereo mixer with compression, EQ and distortion, in a compact form factor.

With BEBE CHERIE you get six analog stereo channels for all kinds of mixing needs. The intuitive design, without a cluttered (mixer-usual) interface and with useful features like a tilt pot for fast EQing, or a compressor with a single pot, invites you to play and is suitable for many applications.

BEBE CHRIE's first four channels have an adjustable input gain of up to 34dB. This is an asymmetrical diode clipper and allows for ''musical'' distortion of your sounds. Furthermore, there is the Tilt pot, which is a simple equalizer that, when turned counterclockwise, boosts the lows and attenuates the highs. When turned to the right, the exact opposite happens and in the middle the EQ is flat. On the back are switches that let you choose between a stereo (TRS) and a mono input signal (TS).

The two stereo channels do not have a gain control, but their rear switches give you access to a 0dB or +10dB gain. The tilt pot is also not found here, but there is a nice Baxandall equalizer, which allows you to intervene in the highs and lows.

A great feature is the compressor, which welds your sounds together and is kept very simple and intuitive with only one pot. This compressor has a ratio of 3:1, a fast attack and a medium release time. The Bliss knob brings fresh air to your sounds by emphasizing the highs.

Lastly, there are mute buttons that, when activated, route the channel to an alternate output. This also allows for an effects send.

For BEBE CHERIE, OTO has also used only high-quality components, resulting in a truly reliable tool.


  • Full analog mixer
  • 4 channels with variable gain up to +34 dB, asymmetrical soft clipping and a tilt eq
  • 2 channels with Baxandall 2 bands eq and a 0/+10 dB selectable input gain
  • 3:1 ratio one-knob compressor on the master bus
  • Bliss hi-frequency enhancer on the master bus
  • Unity gain Hi Fidelity phones out. Can be used as a second master output
  • Alternate output: whenever a channel is muted, it is routed to the Alt. Out
  • 24 volts internal power supply for pro audio dynamic range
  • Rugged Switchcraft 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack connectors
  • Audiophile film capacitors used in the eq circuitry, low noise and low distortion op amp on the audio path, THAT Corporation VCAs, ALPS pots
  • Dimensions: 290 x 145 x 62 mm, Weight: 1338 g
  • Power supply included