Waldorf Quantum
Waldorf Quantum


Waldorf Quantum

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Waldorf Quantum

When it comes to the future of synthesizer technology, Waldorf's Quantum represents a firm step forward. This juggernaut's roots are inextricable from Waldorf's acclaimed wavetable technology. Like many of their synthesizers, Quantum enjoys a marriage of powerful digital oscillators and a configuration of smooth analog filters. However, that's barely scratching the surface.

Waldorf's renowned wavetable technology has been drastically enhanced with new capabilities, including speech synthesis and the ability to generate wavetables from audio signals. Needless to mention, the synthesizer mobilizes extraordinary sonic bandwidth to provide access to a near infinite supply of sounds, from classic timbres to entirely new constellations.

Cosmetically, Quantum features a meticulously-designed front panel interface that's as flexible as it is sleek. Its ergonomic configuration and central display screen facilitate quick and easy access to its innumerable capabilities, such as precise visual indication of complex and modulation settings. Combine all of this with durable construction and its easy to see why Quantum occupies a class all its own.

Quantum Features

  • Digital-analog polyphonic synthesizer
  • 61 note high-quality Fatar TP8S keybed
  • Dual timbral: split or layered mode with separate stereo audio outputs
  • 3 stereo digital oscillators each capable of four synthesis algorithms
  • Wavetable: Waldorf style with latest additions from Nave including speech synthesis, wavetable generation from audio and new features
  • Waveform: Waveform with up to 8 simultaneous waves per Oscillator in detuned or chordal mode with hard-sync, warp & PWM as well as tunable noise
  • Particle: Sampler in traditional and granular mode using multi-samples or live input
  • Resonator: Exciter using multi-sampling plus filter bank sound model
  • Two analogue lowpass filters per voice each in 24 or 12 dB configuration using innovative link modes
  • Digital former: Additional digital algorithms per voice like comb filter, high-pass, band-pass & notch filters (Nave, Largo or PPG models), bit-crusher, drive and more
  • Flexible routing system for order of analog filters & digital former and individual oscillator routings
  • 6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive parameter set
  • Komplex: multistage LFO/envelope modulator
  • Extensive modulation matrix with 40 slots and easy via-controller assignments
  • Master effect rack of 5 slots for each timbre choosing from FX like phaser, flanger, chorus, reverb, drive, eq and more.
  • Compressor for main output
  • Step sequencer with step recording, parameter automation and scale-based pitch quantization
  • Microtonal pitch configurations capable of importing Skala scl files
  • Capable of polyphonic aftertouch via external MIDI inputs