WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Performance Mixer
WMD Performance Mixer

WMD / Steady State Fate

WMD Performance Mixer

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A deluxe. well-endowed eight-channel mixer module which has been designed expecially for live performances and jam sessions. It features six mono and two stereo channels. voltage control of level. panorama and send level. two pre/post selectable mono auxiliaries and an additional stereo aux and finally a cue mix which is selectable per channel and audible via two headphone outputs.
And if this weren't enough. the Performance Mixer can be expanded by Mutes and two more stereo channels.

Channels 1 - 6 are mono channels and yet they have two inputs. A and B. These inputs can be used individually or together. depending on the setting of the switch below. Channels 7 and 8 are true stereo channels but they can be act as mono channels when only the left input is used.

Kanale 1- 6 sind reine Mono-Kanale. und bieten dennoch zwei Eingange. A und B. Diese konnen einzeln oder gemeinsam verwendet werden. je nach Stellung des daruntenliegenden Schalters. Kanale 7 und 8 sind vollwertige Stereo-Kanale. konnen aber bei Verwendung nur des linken Eingangs mono benutzt werden.

There are two alternately available. pre/post routable mono aux sends (1 and 2) with dual mono returns. featuring voltage control of return level. Both the 1/2 selector as well as the pre/post switch have an off-position which de-activates the aux send. Besides this there's a stereo send and return.

The Cue is used to audition signals prior to sending then via the main output. e.g. for tuning oscillators or program sequences. The black button below the channel fader adds the specific channel to the cue signal path. The Cue output emits the umity gain sum of all auditioned channels - note that the Cue-Mix control does not control the output level but sets the balance between main signal and cue signal for the headphones. Speaking of which: there's a 1/4'' and also a 3.5mm headphone output which is perfect for jamming with friends!

additional features: panorama and level of each channel are voltage controlable. Mono channels additionally have a gain potentiometer. boosting up to +12dB. The MIX IN sockets allow for inject a stereo submix into the Performance Mixer. Channel LEDs visualize panorama position. level and cue status. two LED chains at the outut are used as dBu meter of the internal mix bus. Besides the main output (L+R) there's a separate mono output.