Wunder Audio CM49 JFET S

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Wunder Audio CM49 JFET S

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The Wunder Audio CM49 JFET S large diaphragm condenser microphone features a unique low-noise profile JFET transistor with tube sound characteristics and optimized to provide low noise at both high and low frequency with beautiful detail and focus. The CM49 JFET S has an incredibly rich audiophile accuracy and a round tone with smoother clarity throughout the frequency range. The recording will fit beautifully into the mix even without EQ.

Like The CM49 S. the Wunder Audio CM49 JFET S is very true to the vintage Neumann M49.


The CM49 JFET S has a slanted grille to limit the effect of grille resonance on the response. Because the grille is slanted and presents a continuously varying profile to the capsule. there are fewer standing waves generated.

This gives the most natural sound obtainable in any microphone. very pure and pleasantly warm. In every way. the Wunder Audio CM49 JFET S Suprema grille is true to vintage and identical to the original M49. It has been used as historical replacement parts on the vintage M49s. The size of the grille forms a larger-volume enclosure giving the capsule more breathing room and contributes to its openness.


The CM49 JFET S series JFET transistor has huge tube sound characteristics with zero noise. Utilizing large scale integrated circuit technology to build the CM49 JFET S series allows us to achieve the goals of high transconductance. low noise and a low value of gate to drain capacitance. This combined with recent developments in Ion Implant technology optimized for low noise has allowed the creation of this state-of-the-art product. Wunder have optimized their passive components to achieve a true audiophile performance. While audiophile equipment is usually referred to at the end of the chain in recording. many feel that it is most important that the first link in the recording chain. the microphone. be the best attainable. To be able to listen to the best possible recording. you must be able to record the source with minimal amounts of noise and distortion and be able to accurately capture every nuance of the sound. Wonder have enhanced their true-to-vintage microphones by utilizing the highest quality capacitors available today. A slight hint of top-end air. this probably contributes to the perceived spatiality and micro-detailing. These capacitors are so quiet and really let you look very deep into the recording! This results in a modern-vintage sound where the spectrum opens up. adding emphasis to the sound staging and creates a greater sense of air and transparency. without the impression of a diminished mid and lower-end response. The outcome is a less grainy and a much more fluid sound. The focus is tighter and sharper.


The CM49 JFET S Suprema uses the same Historic Berlin M7 capsule as the CM7 Suprema. and yet because of the completely different housing and the triode electronics. there are few similarities in the sound of these microphones. Both mics are superb vocal mics. though neither was designed for the purpose of close-miking. the CM49 JFET S and CM7 S really shines when placed close up with a loud source and creates a very desirable proximity effect.

  • CM49 JFET S
  • Plush Oak Box
  • Historical Yoke Mount
  • Historic Berlin M7 capsule