Instruo Cs-L


Instruo Cs-L

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The InstruoCš-Lis a dual analogue oscillator optimised for generation of complex waveforms. It features two contrasting discrete circuit oscillators that are normalled to one another; offering a variety of simultaneous modulation routings. The resulting harmonic timbres sit far beyond the realms of traditional subtractive synthesis.

It expands upon the classic complex oscillator paradigm prominent in the West-coast synthesis philosophy. Typical cross modulation is expanded upon with inclusion of signal multiplication/amplitude modulation; a wavefolder per oscillator; final waveform symmetry biasing; classic and contemporary PWM; a global modulation index bus; and a digitally-controlled routing scheme that can be configured on-the-fly.

The two separate oscillator cores; simultaneous access to all included waveforms (both classic and contemporary); and the ability for bi-directional modulation; theCš-Ltruly allows the user to shape sound like never before.

  • Sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillator (Oscillator A – Top)
  • Waveforms: Sine; Triangle; Sawtooth; Pulse; wavefold final
  • Triangle core voltage controlled oscillator (Oscillator B – Bottom)
  • Waveforms: Sine; Triangle; Square/Sub; double pulse; wavefold final
  • 1V/octave; Coarse and Fine pitch controls per oscillator
  • Frequency modulation input per oscillator; linear or exponential response; with attenuators
  • LFO range switch for oscillator A
  • Switchable link between 1V/octave inputs for parallel tracking
  • Multiply output with three modulator behaviour options
  • CV over each wavefolder with attenuverters
  • Symmetry offset control for each wavefolder with attenuverters
  • CV controllable modulation bus (INDEX) with versatile definable internal routing