Instruo Vinca


Instruo Vinca

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Vincais a two channel voltage controlled amplifier with both parallel and series routing capabilities. Each VCA has a different architecture allowing them to offer unique functionality that both contrasts and compliments one another.

The top VCA has Input Bias and Input Attenuverter controls over its
four-quadrant multiplication capabilities.

The bottom VCA has an amplitude control that also acts as a CV attenuator when control voltage is applied. The bottom VCA also includes a Shape control that morphs between linear and exponential response curves. Each channel can be used independently (in parallel) or can be cascaded (in series); by flipping the Mode switch.

Chain onevincato another (and another; and another!) to add mixing and routing schemes dispersed throughout your entire system. 

  • Dual SPDT switch
  • Momentary or latching control via button/external gate
  • Manual output gate capabilities
  • Audio rate switching
  • Ultra low ON resistance (~30ω)