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Bundle offer comprising

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-2 Oscilloscope
  • 4-Channel Oscilloscope to Build Yourself
  • 2 Waveform generators that can output audio signals or control voltages (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, noise, pulse, envelope), turning the NTS-2 into an additional oscillator, LFO or envelope generator for odular or semi-modular synthesizers
  • Spectrum analyser function (frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz)
  • Colour display
  • Tuner function
  • Power supply via batteries (not included) or USB-C
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 129 x 78 x 39 mm
  • Weight: 130g


  • 2 Line inputs: 3.5 mm mini stereo jack (4x mono with adapter - not included)
  • 2 Line outputs: 3.5 mm mini mono jack
  • 2 Thru outputs: 3.5 mm mini stereo jack

Note: Kit - NTS-2 must be assembled by the user!

Bjooks Patch & Tweak With Korg
  • Reference Book on Synthesizers
  • Patch & Tweak With Korg: Book about Korg's line of analog and semi-modular synthesizers
  • By Kim Bj?rn
  • Tips and techniques for patch design and ideas for integration with external devices
  • Over 25 interviews with artists and Korg engineers such as Pete Townshend, Richard Devine, Red Means Recording and many others.
  • Timeline of Korg synthesizers
  • Foreword by Kitaro
  • 216 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • Format: 25 x 25 cm
  • In English language