Xaoc Devices Batumi II

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Xaoc Devices Batumi II

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XAOC Devices Batumi II- Eurorack module- Digital 4-Channel LFO- each channel can operate independently or synchronised to channel 1 in various modes- Free LFO Mode (4 independent channels), Quadrature LFO Mode, Phase LFO Mode (with adjustable phase shift of channels 2-4), Divide and Multiply LFO Mode- CV input and Clock/reset input on all channels- 1V/octave pitch-tracking for 4-channel VCO applications- for each channel outputs for sinewave, squarewave and assignable waveform (sawtooth, triangle, random and more- expandable with Poti II module (item 578938, not incuded)- power consumption: 90mA (+12V) / 50mA (-12V)- width: 10 HP